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Almost ALL these sentences are going to start with "I". Sorry. It's all about me today.

I have not written a journal entry here in awhile despite updating and submitting art relatively regularly.

In the time I have been silent here's what happened:
I resigned from my day job, at least for now, to do work and learn skills I need to.
have been fortunate enough to work on several comic books with some still in the pipeline to be released.
I have decided to try my hand at another short film, which I am releasing as a small comic short story first.
I shifted from Mumbai back to home base.

I am quite active on the net. A nice group of comicbook enthusiasts have let me into their fold as a contributor and artist.
Check out their site:
Also look u their facebook page:

I am starting a new webcomic with them called "Comic Addicts" (named after them as well), in which we poke fun of comic characters,cliches and other stuff we find funny.
I recently did an animated promo for this as well, which incorporates the JUSTICE LEAGUE and the HARLEM SHAKE in it!
Check it out:…
Keep an I out for more!
Movie Reviews:
1.Rise of the Planet of the Apes: VERY VERY GOOD. See it. Nothing more to say. More than Franco and Pinto, that 3d monkey is a star. Plus it all fits into the first movies universe (Planet of the Apes -with Mark Wahlberg). Oh the Girillas and the bigger apes are AWESOME.

2.Capt.America: Didnt like it much. loved the 50s sets. But other thn that, Cap didnt do it for me. Thor was more enjoyable. I wish they hadnt named it with the prefix: "Capt. Anmerica", and just called it "the First Avenger", since "America" is a very loaded word and can evoke various emotions around the world.
On the plus side, iun the crediits, there was an Avengers trailer, directed by Whedon next year. THAT will be worth seeing.

3.Zindagi Na Milegi Do Bara: Rich young ppl having fun in Spain. They overcome a series of problems and adventure sports that dont seem that relevant. It seemed like Hrithik ROshan, Abbey Deol, Farhan Aktar (and the girls). just wanted to go on a holday in spain and they shot the story parts of the movie in between their vacation. It is FUN to watch however coz its beautiful ppl living the lives we all wish we had (mostly) Watch it if ur a sucker for shallow plot but FUN visuals iin bollywood. Its FUN. For you.

4. Shaitan (alittle late i know): Rich young ppl having fun in Mumbai. In the end, their life on the edge with drugs and mischeif blows up and they get scrwed. Spome of them die. Some of them live. The main protagonist has issues regarding her diseased mother. I dont know what Im supposed tot ake away form this. You want to see a movie along the same lines that is actually SOLID, see "Requiem for a dream"  if u havent seen it. It may not be SAME, but its better. VIsuals are not bad. Gritty and cColourful. THe ad promotions were highly overdoen with a DEv D feel to make u feel like we were getting that again. But no. Sorry. Again FUN yet, thats it.

5. Bheja Fry 2: WTF. Shoot me now. Spoilt everything. Please dont see it.

God, I sound like I am against Hindi films. Im not. Honest.
I cant wait for Farhan Aktars next directorial venture: Don 2.
It is important I state this first:
I do not like Transformers 1. I HATE Transformers 2.
Asside from the fact that Transformers 1 established the use of such amazin special effects, n use of a large scale production,
i do not LIKE it.Not one bit.

Now: I recently watched the 3rd installment in the seroes, creatively called "Transformers 3" ("Dark of the Moon" notwithstanding).
You know what ? I liked it. I really did.
Not in a sort of life changing way, but in a totally fun way.
The actors were the highlight more than the robots for me, but that doesnt matter.
One thing they learnt from the second movie is alot happens on screen witht he robot transformations,
and is too fast for ppl to register, so in this one they slowed down most of the transformations, and fight sequences.
Which is GOOD, atleast in this case.

But i guess I have to give credit to 1 and 2 because only coz of whatever little story was established was there, did i like seeing the story flourish more here. Plus no Megan Fox. The new girl filled her shoes snuggly so.

Watch it. If not for the Robot-juicy action, for the laugh-out loud moments from the actors, especially, the oddly placed, yet hilarious Ken Jeoung.
I think I may do a transformer fan art pretty soon. Im tempted.
Haven't heard?
I'm working now. Isn't that so grown up?
Sometimes I feel like a kid faking being an adult.
Then again, in many ways that is the case.:)

Summer Movie Review:
Kung Fu Panda 2: Nice.
Fast Five: Vroom.
X-men: Pretty Cool.
Hangover 2: Li'l Gross. Not as funny as the 1st. But the writers changed, so u know.
Green Lantern: PUKE.

Oops...goto go... boss is coming!
Look Busy!
The ancient scanner here is on the fritz unfortunately.
The nearest scan-copy shop is a little far away ( such is the case),
so I decided to accumilate a bunch of work, THEN scan'em all. Genius, right? ;)

Saw Thor last week. It released earlier here, surprisingly.
I loved it. I recomend watching it. Highly enjoyable.
Really good movie to eat popcorn too. I think the general audience will really like it.
Its both full of action and has humor (that has modern lingo in it, for the urban crowd).

I was concerned that after seeing it I may have OVER-rated it,
since I was sitting in an IMAX theatre, with high-priced snacks n beverages,
and I was with family (i.e. family who I like hanging out with),
as opposed to the usual theaters I go to.
But I'm rethinking it, and I even if that was the case,
I have to say, it would still be a good movie. I went in expecting NOTHING or very little,
and so, I was very pleasantly surprised.

I think it catered to the general crowd, as well as have enough for the fans.
I am sort of in the middle category. I like comics but never liked thor and knew very little about him.
The only Thor book I recently read was THOR: The Mighty Avenger, which was great.

Anyways, go watch Thor, its a fun watch.
Man, I love watercolours.
For the first time in my life Im actually making an effort at using them, n I am having so much fun.
Granted, Im not that good yet BUT it is just too enjoyable to do.
And for some reason I like the way eveyrthing in watercolour looks....
its so.... water-y....n fluid....n stuff.

I regret that I never got into it as a kid SO MUCH now.
Anyways, I hope to get much better at this over time.

Why is it that I write "Water COLOURS" and the word COLOUR is underlined as a spelling mistake?
I grew up using THAT spelling, which my teachers n friends both used and considered right.
THats the correct spelling as far as Im concerned. But... I guess with the American English spell-check on,
"COLOR" is the NEW "COLOUR".

Didnt think it was a big deal until NOW, actually.

k well, see ya!
Oh PS: I wanna see THOR.
Can u believe how many superhero movies are out this year? WOW.
'Nuff Said.
Apart from web design classes,
the rest of my energy seems to be going into updating my portfolio.
Another guilty pleasure, (which one can see clearly from my gallery)
is my recent obsessive sketching of superheroes.

I've also been writing a lot. Most of it is graphic novel material.
One story that came out of it, is one I'm quite happy with,
but due to the nature of the story, the art requires a lot of detail and attention.
It's slow progress, and the story I have written is one told in a pacing manner,
more of a long arc, rather than an episode-to-episode.

Will post something about it once I get an idea for the look of the art down.
I was only there for a week, and I sort of promised myself I would work on at least 3 comics but instead I did about 2, and one was still unfinished.
But, I will finish it in due time.

It was really fun getting back to campus and meeting everyone again, even if it was just for a brief: "Oh. It's you." (a disappointing sigh following these words close behind) from everyone.
Coming back next month with a finished short film hopefully.
Music, dubbing and color-correction is left, and finding places to do these things on a limited budget is NO walk in the park. Still, the one week I was on campus, helped me clear up a lot of queries I had and put me at ease even.

Thanks everyone, for making my short trip fun.
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Greetings from the south, friends!

Our shooting is finally over and my friends have gone their seperate ways for now. I owe them all a big thank you. Everyone; Monojit, Pratik, Krish, Angith, all took time fo from their hectic schedules to come and lend a hand for that I am eternally grateful.You can get a glimpse into the shoot here:

Ive only uploaded afew production stills right now, btu soon enough I will put up the process,the pics.etc. Plus, Krish, who was my assistant director is makng an unofficial docu on the shooting period, so we will see if we can get that up.

Ive done a cartoon of the whole group here aswell:

Now, I have to get down to the editing, which is usually my fav part of the process, but this time, with nothing provided from the institute, Im not so sure. Everythign has a price now. Whether it be an editing room, a technical support assistant or even that last potato chip that someone you know is eating but you dont know them well enough to ask for it. (Just to clarify: the price in the first two is money, while in the latter it is dignity. Or is it something else?)

Anyways, what else? I seem to be running short of words, despite having a very eventful month. Oh right, Im'playing Conviction by the way. Actually I saw it beign completed infront of me, so I know wat to  expect,unfortuantely. One of my friends who came for my shoot, reviews games for a mag every month (i think).I wont mention his name or the mag or else it will seem like Im 'name-dropping'.Or atleast trying to.

Conviction seems very entertainign from wat Ive sen and played, although it is more an amalgamation of other games, rather than a Splinter Cell game. If you play it, you will agree with me to atlest some extent. Base elements form the original SC series such as hiding bodies, light meters are gone. Now we bash in door n barge in and color changes to signify how visible we are. Dont misinterpret wat im saying. I LOVE the new game. Because I love the option of switching between both head-on action and stealth.But if you want that type of gameplay with a storyline that has deeper meaning rather than unnecessary complications n plot twists (as Conviction so fondly resorts to), I suggest any of the main Metal Gear Titles. I cant speack for the 4th one (Guns of the Patriots) since I have not played it, but I shall soon enough.

But back to the game at hand: Conviction is defintely worth a play and even if u have finished it, the Deniable Ops extra missions and the LAN game options are very entertaining. Plus the graphic sense of the game is beautiful. The fact u can prject the objectives as light all around the place? THATS AMAZING. I wish they had made more levels where Sam is telling is daughter Sarah about the dark. That level made me alittle less scared of the it!

The other game I am playing is yester-year's Tomb Raider; Underworld.I have finished it before but I really needed to just go back and get the feel of it again. I got Tomb Raider:Legend aswell, as a bonus. I saw a promo for a new Lara game; "Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light". I saw the gameplay shots aswell. Isometric View. Lara in Isometric view. Im...dissapointed. This I think is a huge mistake. Right from the title change (rather than 'TOMB RAIDER' not being there, its just Lara Croft) to the new camera perspective. Argh, jsut thinlking about it makes me mad. But i cud be wrong. although i dont think so. Oh Lara... dotn fall in a rutt again. They should make a 4th part to the Legend trilogy. For me, the story isnt over.They have a very good point to pick it up after Underworld.

In my opinion, the Avalon portal can be altered to be time portals and maybe Lara has a tombraiding adventure through different timezones, while the tombs she usually excavates are still bustling with life. That certain sense of mythology they add in the Tombraider games is just amazing. I loved using King Arthurs Excalibur in Legend, and
wearing Thor's accessories in Underworld. Anniversary was alright, but I couldnt rank it above TRL and TRU.

Sigh.It feels nice to talk about games and not have a shoot pending. Still, I want to finish editing and music in time to graduate this year. Wish me luck!
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The short film my friends and I are making is starting in less than 2 weeks. The preparations are made.more or less. Just a few loose ends to tie up.

Now from May to August it's going to be a roller-coaster of work, or at least it should be. The times that are coming up are going to be extremely grueling. But, for some reason I just can't wait to start.The past few weeks I can't help but draw SOMETHING or the other.It's like an impulse and I'm glad I doing something productive with my time despite having so many other things to do in the immediate future.SO immediate it's pretty much the present, really. :)

I'm hoping for the best and that everything goes smoothly and in our favor. It's like that scared-excitement just before a class test that you have studied for, you know?

Wish us luck
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ive been so used to loggin in 2-3 times a day that i now that i have to depart to a location lackign net, I feel afew withdrawal symptoms emerging prematurely. this will be my last post in awhile. heading to the location of my future shoot to arrange all the neccessities to make a short, independant film.

Cast also will be arranged in this time. I dont know how long i take but Im betting that the better part of a half a month will pass before i come back HERE. Who knows? maybe everything will work out for the better.... FASTER. Heres praying.

Maybe in afew weeks I will have tons of shtuff to upload so.. yeah. see ya then.
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With a dip coming up, I cant help feel a little religious occasionally.
Recently :iconkikando:,:icongaalav: n I started the nid group, which now has 24 members and rising.If u are an NID student or alumni please visit: :iconnidonda:.You can find other students on the group who have very nice work, and I encourage you to check'em out.
Group Avatar courtesy of the talented Mr.Ghosh.
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I finally managed to upload most of the artwork i did at home.
took 3 and a half hours. All the new stuff has been uploaded on blogspot aswell:

Im leavign home ina day or two, so I emptied the bag before I misplaced any fo the files.
Ive been figurign out digital colouting and with alittle luck and a prayer I can get better.

See you on campus.
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after our juries, while some of my fellow film and video people catch up on work,
i thought i would head home for awhile. so here i am. at home.

alot sketches and art done recently but due to the netspeed being really slow i cant
upload any of it.

Will do it as soon as i get back.

All the work i had is complete. The last project I did gave fruit to a documentary that i found was not half as bad as I expected. Infact I quite like whant I did. That's not to say it's perfect or anything. It IS riddled with mistakes; technical and otherwise.

I have my final diploma film left, for which I am writing scripts for.... im my head.
At the moment other things seem to be more interesting .. like making a fully-finished comic or
a short animation. I hope to do all that.
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Lately, its been hard to edit.
I guess thts wat happens wen things dont go as planned.
All I can do is make the best of it.
To help me cope through these troubling times I've been playing slightly lighter games wen i get afew free minutes:

Mini Ninjas was the first game. Beautifully done. The whole game looks like a 2D illustration made into 3D. And the concept art is awesome. Apparently the creative head(i think) was the only concept artist for the whole game. Just ONE guy. Which techinically makes the game his vision. And man, does he have vision. I think is name is Henrik something... something like that. While Ive been finding alot of the concept art on the net, I cant find much about the guy or what else he has worked on. Maybe Im not looking hard enough.

Another fun game is Plant.VS.Zombies. When the game started I was immediately thrown off. But then I hit a key and realised how broad the game can be. it gets very entertaining later. And the art in the game is amazing too. This one kind of taught me not to jusge a game to hastily, coz it might be fun. Or in this case, a ton of fun.

Last on my list of happy games, but by no means least is: TRINE.
Now, Trine is a platformer, where you can switch between a Wizard, Knight and a Theif/Archer. I loved it. I never thought i wud get to play a light, platform game again, yet i did. and all the physics, details.etc are done very  well. I crossed it in abotu one night. That addictive it was. and even though there were no CG cutscenes (apart from the last one), you dont feel unsatisfied while listening to the all-knowing, yet kind narrators voice, while the map follows the progress u have made across the land. It is a really well thought out, and fun game.

Im gonna get Portals sequel... hopefully will aquire it. i dont really know where to get it... Hope its as good as the original, but i dotn really have my hopes up since the original Portal was amazing.

After a long absence from digital asrt, and a lenghty period of doodling the old-fashioned way, i got back to using digi-means, and feels much better. I will try to not really completely on one mediium form now on (which was an earlier problem of mine).

Anyways, about a week left for our edit. will finish soon. really nervous..

Me out!
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Our third video porject shoots are over! but we aint out of the fire yet... editing is left.Ive accumilated ten cassettes and i know its goign to take awhile to get through that bundle.

MF is over, finally. It was a weird one. as proved by the order the final results came in. But enough of that.

After editing there is the 3 week diwali break, which i will spend on campus, i think, instead of goign home. maybe i can work on a short film or something.

Did one recently with a friend.. a documentary on a deaf and blind school in Ahmedabad. It was shot in one day and edited in the next. Considering that, i think it's come out pretty well. We had made it for a french film competition and the entry date was soon after. But, for some reason its date was postponed, all the way to november. Yeah... so i thought i cud do something with anmation since i've never made an animation film but always wanted to, plus now the competition is open to animations too and not just docus.

Whew. oh, and the gamer that dwells in me is just bubbling with anticipation. We are on the eve of one of the greatest gaming seasons to have occured. so many awesome titles in various genres are being released.After 2 years of a dry spell, the dawn has arrived.

Theres COD:Modern Warefare 2.Splinter Cell Conviction.Batman Arkham Asylum.and so many more.

people are getting that games are just like film, and animation all rolled into one interactive package. There was this game i saw called Heavy Rain:the Origami Killer, coming out later this year, that really blew me away. It centres around 4 people that are interconnected and through playing as these four people, you would find the key to apprehending a murderer. And its all layed out like a film. only u are in it. And u arent god. when ur playing as one of them, you are just a human who would die at any second. BUT, instead of getting a cliched "GAME OVER" or "YOU ARE DEAD" screen, the storry STILL moves on! only that character is absent because he/she is dead.Meaning the story realligns itself for you to understand.Pretty cool right?

Been currently playing Wolfenstein 2009, which, even though it doesnt have anything very new, is still enjoyable.Aside from the violence and entertaining gashes of blood that frequently appear on the screen, I got to say that the only thing missing, is the story. I know I know, there is a story. but is there a STORY, in terms of drama? Wheres, the love? wheres the loss? wheres the betrayal(there is betrayal but im not feeling it much due to less dramatization)? where is the Emotion?
B.J Blaskowitz just strikes me as a guy who is good a blowing shit up, which he is at that. I just thought that there should be more to a protagonist of a story, than guns,gritty,unshaven chin and a leather jacket. On the upside, the game is running smoother than even COD4(which had story,btw), which means they must have tweaked something.

Oh, and Batman. I cant wait for batman. finally, a gane that does justice to the character. I said that about Wolverine, even though it was a jazzy hack and slash. And it was. but what IS wolverine? He IS a jazzy hack and slash with a screwed up past. And that is what we saw in the game.

And Batman is a stealthy predator who is totally awesome and as smart as heck.I was so in that "batman"-kind of place that I did a deviation on him. well actually 2.

Anyways, here is to another semester gone by!

P.S:The title of this post is from the old (really old) Batman theme song: "Na na na na na , na na na ....BATMAN!"

Get it? What? no one watched the Adam West Batman TV show when they were growing up? Guess it was just me then.
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The new Wolverine game is good.

You may not get this from the typing but, I say it slightly stunned.
Mostly because I didn't think they could pull it off. Especially after the movie.

I know, I know. Some guys will say "Dude, the movie rocked!"

And to that I will ask: "Did it? Did it, really?"

It was a decent attempt though.
Now, the game. the game is a different story. Firstly, the cutscenes were brilliant. That was a really good move. Secondly, the story line was abit better than the movie. Third, that extra bit showing  the future that was not relevant to the playable part of the game, was brilliant. If they made a sequel to this game where you play as Wolverine in the dark future they depicted (long after X-men and other mutant affiliated groups had been wiped out) then I would totally buy it. Maybe he could have flashbacks of his days with the Xavier crowd in that one. Oh and last but not least: the gameplay. Although it was repetetive, it was simple, and full of bloody gore which makes it a step above the movie.

Plus, this wolverine has a whole lot more balls than the movie wolverine.No offense to Hugh Jackman.I almost think they made the movie bad on purpose so that, the game would exceed everyone's expetations.

The game has really made me renew my faith in Marvel games.
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And... we got back to campus after training. And everything was good.
The end.

But not really. We are just getting back to our routines. In the past years, after taking a nice, lazy holiday at home, and then coming back to routines on campus seemed tough.

After internship however, all the big tasks seem more like trivial chores. I mean, I don't want to get cocky, mainly because I'm not in a position to be. That's because I haven't really short-listed or decided on my Documentary topic yet. And, oh yeah, im shooting first. On top of which, Im helping my senior write a script for the film he is directing, and will probably assistant direct it.

You know after typing all this down, things have started to seem tough again...

Crap. I guess I dont have things as planned as I thought I did.
it is awesome working in the industry
everyones busy!
only downside is that everyone is BUSY!
so cant hangout or chill much. but i guess thts the whole point.
its is super fun none the less and its a good learning process.

We'r stayin at Trish's dadi's place coz she went to the states.
So no rent. yay!
While Cam is workin on some animation projects under V.Kumaresh himself,
Trish is workin for a graphics firm nearby his workplace. tht way they get to see eachother.
Muffin is workin with a film writer on adapting a script to various location.
Jan is interning at a clothing design firm under a recent rising star designer. I cant remember where exactly, but i hear its good.
As for me, im interning at a television channel based near Mahim. It is going good. Although work does keep me at office overnight sumtimes.

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  • Watching: Anything i get time to.
  • Playing: Sadly, no time.
  • Eating: ditto
  • Drinking: beer. every night. it. is. awe. some.